Chris Packham at Okonjima Namibia

Namibia and why Chris Packham wants to return again and again

Sometimes the words of others inspire people; their quotations, messages or speeches.

For me, this really encapsulates what Okonjima game reserve is all about. It’s not only about Okonjima – the home of AfriCat, but also about Namibia and how beguiling it is.

These are the words of Chris Packham; naturalist, nature photographer, television presenter and author. Presenter of the BBC’s The Really Wild Show, The X Creatures and Springwatch amongst others.

Chris Packham at Okonjima, Namibia – home of AfriCat

 “It’s a wide world and we only a lifetime to see just a little of it. So what is it that makes us want to return to a few places again and again, what can be so special when all the other treasures beckon?

For me it’s about intimacy and its altogether richer rewards. If you visit a place enough you will begin to develop an intuitive sense of what it’s about, what makes it tick, where its real secrets are hidden, you will be able to savour its flavour, get beneath its skin… you will feel in tune with that part of the world, you may even develop a notion of being a transient part of it. This is why I am constantly yearning to return to, to be back in Namibia. It’s like a magnet whose draw I cannot resist and I am never disappointed. . .”

These words are fantastic, and the two times I have visited Okonjima in Namibia, I have felt the same way, although I could not put it as well as Chris has done.

What can you do; well, I suggest firstly considering Namibia as a holiday destination, secondly go online and see what Okonjima and AfriCat are all about, and take a look at his video …and then book the holiday of a lifetime!

Mark Cadbury


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