sunset over the okonjima nature reserve

Where would you visit again and again?

About five years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with a bolt of lightning in my mind, an epiphany – I had to ask my father questions that I have never asked him before.

I began writing down a number of questions and eventually came up with a hundred that I wanted to ask my father, before he died. The questions included things about his childhood, family, friends, and how he met my mother. One of the questions was which holiday destination would he go back to for a second or third time. He said going to Cornwall because it is the most relaxing place he has spent time in. I spent three hours with him reminiscing and chatting about his life. He died a year later.

For me, the lure of Africa is very strong – having visited Kenya and Namibia for two separate charities that are involved in education, the environment, and sustainable livelihoods.

The beauty and lure of Namibia

However, I have to say, that Namibia has to be the place that I would want to visit again and again. The attraction of Okonjima, home of AfriCat, the wildlife, the children, the schools, the views, the beauty of the landscape – in the words of BBC presenter, Chris Packham, “… I am constantly yearning to return to, to be back in, Namibia. It’s like a magnet whose draw I cannot resist and I am never disappointed…”

Chris has been to Okonjima five times and is a patron of the AfriCat Foundation. I can fully understand why, as I have been there twice and still want to go back, again and again.



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