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Okonjima, Namibia – some quotes

I am a fan of quotations, although one particular friend of mine does not believe in them to illustrate a point, on the basis that they don’t always get across exactly what you want to say.

However, as independent, credible sources of unbiased opinion I do feel that they give authority to a statement or focus. I think that Okonjima, home of AfriCat, is one of the most special places that you can ever visit.

Okonjima has had thousands of visitors over the past 20 years or more and they have made many comments, there are also reviews on TripAdvisor, here is a sample of some of them.

“We visited Okonjima in April 2012 and are already planning to return in 2013. It was, by far, my favourite visit to Africa…”                                                                                            Melissa Barton, Detroit, USA

“From start to finish our trip to Okonjima was great…tracking and finding the leopards was very special indeed.”                                                                                                            Janine Jacobs, Zimbabwe

“Thank you for a wonderful visit to Okonjima, you put a program together that was really special. We felt like we had a private tour.”                                                                                    Tom Ruisinger, USA

“Thank you for a wonderful stay…the kids loved it here.”                              Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

“My husband and I stayed at Okonjima in Jan 2011…in celebration of our 50th anniversary. We had a wonderful time.”                                                                                                                Fran Gallogly, Netherlands

“Two of the best days of my life were spent at Okonjima.”    Jem Mead, London, England

“When I grow up…I want to work on a reserve, to help and study and love the big cats and cheetahs.”                             Sam McMillin, Aged 8, Wichita Falls, USA

 “I intend to come back to Okonjima, because it was one of the best places that I was in, in my life.”                                                              Carmen Monari, Argentina

Heartfelt and inspiring words that illustrate the point that Okonjima is a special place to visit.



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