cheetah in the grasses of Namibia

Why Namibia, Why Okonjima?

Namibia is a truly remarkable country; vast dunes, beautiful vistas, friendly people, a stable economy but most of all its about the wildlife.

Okonjima Game Reserve combines many of the elements that makes Namibia a must-visit destination; great views, fantastic accommodation, stunning hills and open savannah – no sand dunes – but a wealth of wildlife, not least due to the enthusiasm of the owners of Okonjima but also their founding of AfriCat.

People often want to see their list of wild animals in a natural environment, however, that is not always possible with limited time to visit the vastness of Namibia.

At Okonjima, in a 20,000 hectare Game Reserve, you can see so much variety of fauna and flora, but for me there were two highlights when I visited last April – seeing a leopard and two cheetahs.

Leopard passing close by at Okonjima, Namibia

The leopard was tracked through the thick bush and just as our guide stopped the vehicle and turned off the engine, she appeared along a path and passed by so close that you could see her tongue panting. Seeing this beautiful creature so close was a huge treat.

Two cheetahs, only metres away, at Okonjima, Namibia

A few days later, we saw two cheetahs resting under a tree and we got out of the vehicle to get a closer look. They seemed so sedate and relaxed in the heat of the day, even though we were only twenty metres away, before they gently loped off.

It is hard to understand they are wild animals that hunt their own prey having been rehabilitated from AfriCat and yet we were able to be so close without disturbing them.

It felt like I was an intimate part of Okonjima, sensing what it was all about, understanding a little of its flavour and why people yearn to come back to Okonjima again and again.



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