male lion okonjima nature reserve

New entrance gates and signs for Okonjima game reserve, Namibia

First impressions are so important, an instantaneous judgment based on visual cues. The converse is true with the aphorism ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’.

The first communication and the delivery on that visual promise is the key to a successful first impression.

At Okonjima, in the centre of Namibia, the main road passes the entrance, about 20 kilometres off the B1, is Okonjima game reserve – it’s an unspoilt paradise.

To create that first impression, there are two new gates and signs on the roadside.

Entrance to Okonjima, home of AfriCat, Namibia

The entrance signs are on the main road, the direct route from Windhoek to Etosha and conveniently situated about half way between them, with a day centre for a journey’s break.

The first gate is 10kms off the road, the second gate is situated within the Okonjima game reserve (some 24,000 hectares of perfect safari area) when passing into a 2000 hectare predatory-free safe area which surrounds the lodges, camp-site and the Perivoli Okonjima Country School.

Entrance gate, Okonjima game reserve, Namibia

So, now, no one can miss Okonjima, the home of AfriCat, while travelling in Namibia from Windhoek to Etosha.

It’s about first, and last, impressions.



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