wild dog pack namibia

A typical report from a safari guide at Okonjima game reserve, Namibia

A report on tracking the wild dogs at Okonjima, Namibia.

“It was a long day struggling to find the Wild Dogs. Tracking and tracking up until the point of giving up and suddenly, out of the blue….a beep. . . . Turning back to my guests – I could see the smiles on everyone’s faces and we started moving fast toward them as time was running out!”

“Then when I got close to the area I thought they were….a cheetah. Oh! Dear! – this does not make me look good …”

“The cheetah was unexpectedly walking towards the dogs, but seemed very nervous. When she met up with them she got a big surprise and jumped into the bushes.”

“The Wild Dogs thought it would be fun to chase her around while making tons of their unique, yapping noises. After being chased around for some time she suddenly stopped, turned around to face them and spat and hissed vigorously at them, then charged through them and ran off.”

“The dogs stopped, looked at each other and continued the chase very briefly, only for about 5 metres, then stopped.”

“Upon losing interest in the cheetah they started moving away, in the opposite direction. They had calmed down – so we joined them for a while, walking a respectful distance behind them – yet feeling very much part of their world.”

 “We were able to observe them closely for some time and I was able to share with my guests the wonderful dynamics of these special creatures.”

Here is a picture of our infamous REX – one of the wild dogs that was injured recently and has only 3 legs only, yet a brilliant hunter!

Rex, the wild dog, taken while on safari in Namibia, at Okonjima game reserve
Rex, the wild dog, taken while on safari in Namibia, at Okonjima game reserve

“This is the year of the most successful ParaOlympics ever – and here on Okonjima we have proof daily of just how well you can adapt to your environment if given the chance!”



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