female leopard namibia

Leopard safaris, Okonjima, Namibia

Many observers have waxed lyrical about leopards; how they are capable of adapting to their environment, how they are natural survivors, their grace, elegance, power and beauty.

However, leopards are elusive and seeing them is always a wonderful treat for any of the guests at Okonjima game reserve in Namibia.

Okonjima is the home of AfriCat, which takes on large carnivores, mainly cheetahs and leopards that have been captured, rescues them and rehabilitates them into the wild of Okonjima’s 24,000 hectares.

One of the guides that track the leopards, Clive, is a great fan of leopards describing them as “perfection on four legs, those of you who have seen this cat will know what I mean, those of you who haven’t need to come to Okonjima to find out”.

Leopard safari, Nkosi the leopard at Okonjima, Namibia

I have to say that one of the highlights of my last visit to Okonjima was seeing a leopard, really close up, however there were plenty of other beautiful sights such as hartebeest, mother, father and baby giraffes, cheetahs and the stunning views in and around Okonjima.

Clive does not agree, he says “leopard tracking is the highlight of any safari – it’s always a privilege to see a leopard”, and that is his opening line to all his guests.

For a leopard safari that you will not forget, visit the home of AfriCat, Okonjima.

I have to say that Okonjima, Namibia has been the highlight of all my travels around the world.



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