The philosophy of the safari, Okonjima, Namibia

Here is my definition of a Safari; it’s a journey or expedition for exploring and investigating an area – its flora, fauna and ecosystems.

At Okonjima game reserve, there are escorted safaris with incredibly knowledgeable guides, but the beauty of the safari is that you never know what you’re going to see.

As Okonjima is the home of AfriCat, where large carnivores are rehabilitated into the 24,000 hectare game reserve, and for research purposes the leopards and cheetahs have radio collars, the chances of seeing one amongst thousands of other animals are high, but not always predictable.

The guides at Okonjima are fabulous; humorous and erudite, but they cannot guarantee what you will see.

Clive, one of the guides, is a great fan of leopards, but tracking them does not mean that it is easy to see them. It’s wild out there and if they don’t want to be seen then you won’t find them.

Clive was tracking leopard the other day and when he was close, he and his guests saw the grass rustle next to the vehicle and…..

a porcupine broke cover. Clive exclaimed that “you don’t see them in the daytime very often”. It was an exciting moment for guide and guests alike.

Clive’s safari philosophy is this, “It makes you think about what you take for granted on a game drive. I’ve seen thousands of zebra in my time, thousands of impala, thousands of springbok the list goes on. But still I’ve never seen zebra mating, never seen an impala give birth. What I’m trying to say is never just cross an animal off your list. It always has something new to show you. . . .”

Leopard safari, Okonjima, Namibia

Come to Okonjima to experience moments that you will never have seen before and see what a safari is all about.



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