Pale Goshawk

Goshawk Down, tagging on Okonjima game reserve, Namibia

We started off early in the morning on a safari. Mike was carrying a case of equipment. We weren’t sure what it was all for.

As we got to the savannah area of the Okonjima game reserve where there are wide open spaces and the odd tree. We spotted what Mike was looking for – a pale chanting goshawk.

The Pale Chanting Goshawk, Okonjima, Namibia

Mike wanted to tag the bird, so a trap was set. A mouse in a little wire cage with nylon fish wire to trap the bird.

The mouse trap, Okonjima, Namibia

After a couple of attempts the goshawk was trapped (with no harm to the mouse!) and Mike tagged this beautiful bird of prey. Here is the YouTube video.

The tag will help with research into this bird and it was not damaged in any way, shape or form.

Tagging the goshawk, Okonjima, Namibia

It was another fascinating experience at Okonjima.

The Goshawk from Okonjima, Namibia, Just before being released



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