hyena africat

It’s all about the animals

Why do people like you and me go on African safaris?

The answer is simple – it’s all about seeing and coming close to wild animals. Seeing them in their natural environment, in a beautiful setting like Okonjima game reserve in Namibia.

Okonjima is a reserve of 24,000 hectares and believe me when I say it’s wild! In the sense of fantastic.

However, you can easily get lost without a guide and you just as easily miss the exciting wild animals without their help.

Every day something new happens, a different event in the lives of the wild life.

Here are some examples:

Firstly, my favourite the leopard. Here is MJ having made a kill, who went to fetch her male cub Bwana to share in the kill. The team said “He’s supposed to be independent, but he’s still a Mummy’s boy!”

Leopards at Okonjima, Namibia

Secondly, my other favourite, the cheetah. Here they are going after a baby giraffe, which was fiercely defended by its mother. After an hour, the mother giraffe fended off the cheetahs. In the words of Norman, one of the guides, “A mother’s protective instinct is stronger than anything”.

Cheetahs going after a baby giraffe on Okonjima game reserve

And thirdly, the wild dogs at Okonjima coming face-to-face with a warthog, the wild dogs were seen off.

Wild dogs being seen off by a warthog

Come and experience the wild life at Okonjima game reserve, come and see something different every day. These are the reasons for an African safari.



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