male lion AfriCat

An experience that will move you.

The luxury villa at Okonjima is a fantastic place to stay.

Not only does the villa overlook its own waterhole with daily and nightly visits from all kinds of wildlife but it’s also set in a secluded spot 10 kms from the main Okonjima accommodation.

The view from the Villa over the waterhole, Okonjima, Namibia

The Grand Villa, as it’s known, really is the height of luxury, with the main house and two separate suites either side of it, sleeping up to eight adults and five children. Brad and Angelina have stayed here with their children. It also has an infinity pool, your personal chef, and your own safari guide and safari vehicle.

And there’s something quite unique; you can choose to have your beds wheeled out onto the open-air terrace for a night under the stars.

The Grand African Villa, breakfast and the bed on the terrace, Okonjima, Namibia

I tried it and it was a magical, moving experience.

However, that’s not the reason for visiting Okonjima – it’s about all the animals there, especially the cheetah and leopard safaris.



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