acacia tree and weaver birds

One of the iconic images of Africa

You may be thinking it’s the elephant or lion, but I think that one of the most African of visions is the acacia tree with the nests of weaver birds.

Here is one I saw on safari in the Okonjima game reserve in Namibia:

The iconic acacia tree with weaver bird nests, on safari, Okonjima, Namibia

These little birds build their nests on the side of a tree and remove the leaves so that their nests are as exposed as possible, in order to attract a female.

Weaver bird going into its nest, Okonjima game reserve, Namibia

Here is Albert, the man with the most deep and melodious voice, explaining how and why the male masked weaver bird builds his nests and how the females react when they reject them.


When walking on an evening safari with Albert, you get a real insight into the flora and fauna of Namibia. The only noise is of the animals and you get a real sense of the wonder of Namibia.

Okonjima is a very special place, if you are ever considering an African safari destination, then I would have to say this is the one location you should visit.



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