black mamba snake

Mamba versus Mongoose – Okonjima game reserve, Namibia

Here is a recent report from Clive, one of the guides at Okonjima game reserve.

I spot a black mamba right in the top of a dead Blackthorn acacia, below it is a slender mongoose hoping for breakfast. We all watch in amazement as the mongoose keeps sneaking up to try and get a bite on any part of the mamba, it’s speed of attack is a blur, but so is the mamba as it strikes down as well. It’s one of those times when you don’t know who its going to turn out best for.

Black mamba in a blackthorn acacia, Okonjima, Namibia
Black mamba in a blackthorn acacia, Okonjima, Namibia

In the end you don’t really want either to lose. You have to admire the mongoose for trying to take on one of Africa’s deadliest snakes. But it’s the only time I’ve been able to study a Black mamba without it disappearing in a blink, and let me say, it’s a beautiful snake. We do our tour and three hours later we come back and the stand-off is still going on, dedication or what? Later that day the tree is empty of both, and for me the best ending would be that both snake and mongoose are still around, at least for today, but nature is….well nature.
Cheers for now

I have to say that I saw a black mamba on my last visit to Namibia, and although exciting, it was not something that you would want to get too close to.

I do like mongooses or is the plural mongeese?



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