relax on safari

Chase away the winter blues

Snow, ice and rain, cold days and even colder nights.

Just think, you could be in Namibia, at Okonjima, watching and shooting (with only a camera) the big cats; leopard and cheetah in a natural environment, and in the warm sunshine.

View of the North Mountain, Okonjima, Namibia
View of the North Mountain, Okonjima, Namibia

The guides will show you the game and come the end of the day, mix you a gin and tonic, the civilised ritual of all visitors to Africa – the sundowner.

The cheetah and leopard safaris can be very exciting too. A recent report from one of the guides describes the cheetah, called Ishara, disturbing two guests and the guide when they were viewing the many giraffes on the reserve:

We arrived at the North Post where we saw a big giraffe bull licking on a rock of salt. For a better view of him from the front, I slowly manoeuvred the vehicle and we spotted some kudu bulls approaching. I stopped and was talking to the guests about giraffe facts and suddenly there was a loud squeal from a warthog. In the nearby clearing we saw a big cloud of dust in the air! I started the car and moved quickly around some bushes and there was Ishara, who had caught a young female warthog.

The warthog tried to fight back and get away but there was no way of freeing itself from Ishara’s precise and powerful grip. They struggled for a few minutes and she managed to wrestle the warthog to the ground. As the struggle continued, a big male warthog came to investigate with its tail in the air. He charged at the commotion and came within about 3m of Ishara and realised the danger. He turned around, grunted and ran away. He kept coming back up to four times, hoping to rescue the situation but changed his mind every time at the last minute and ran into the thickets.

Ishara finally dragged her kill into thicker bush, from the clearing where she had killed it. We realised then just how big this warthog actually was – literally the same size as her! We followed her for a little while and she hid her kill. It was such a big bonus to find the notoriously shy Ishara, making a kill right in front of our eyes and it shows just how unpredictable game drives are.

Needless to say, the guests and I left for Bush Camp with a big smile!

Cheetahs at Okonjima game reserve
Cheetah at Okonjima game reserve

Book your safari holiday now with a stay at Okonjima game reserve, in the heart of Namibia, halfway between Windhoek and Etosha.



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