zebra in the Okonjima Nature Reserve

The pictures tell the story

Leopard safari and views from the Villa, Okonjima, Namibia
Leopard safari and views from the Villa, Okonjima, Namibia

View of the game at the waterhole by the Villa, Okonjima, Namibia The view from the Villa of the waterhole, Okonjima, Namibia

I have written about the Grand African Villa at Okonjima game reserve in Namibia, and every time a guest has stayed there, they have said it is one of the best places that they have ever had the pleasure of staying in.

Recent guests, Shirley and Paul Martens have stayed at Okonjima a number of times, and have recently stayed at the Villa. These are some of their fantastic photographs taken when on a leopard safari close to the Villa, when tracking on foot with Louis – one of the guides at Okonjima. They also took some great photos to the waterhole just in front of the Villa – in these pictures, there are kudu and hartebeest.

This is a part of what they said “It’s really hard to explain how one feels when visiting Okonjima. There is a peace and calm that comes over you as you sit and watch all sorts of antelope and other animals come to the watering hole for their afternoon drink. There is a wildness to it when you see a leopard walk through at night in the lights of the waterhole. There is an energy about it when you connect with a family that has basically taken a cattle farm and changed it into a 22000 hectare wildlife sanctuary and research / rehabilitation nature reserve… I just know it is one of Paul’s and my favourite places in the world.”

Paul describes it as being magical because you can “track cheetah, wild dog & hyena on foot, and sit around the fire at night watching the animals at the Villa.”

If you want to have a magical experience, please come to Okonjima and find out why it is the Namibian destination.



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