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Conservation in Namibia

The Daily Telegraph, the famous UK newspaper, recently published an article by Nigel Richardson on poaching in Africa, particularly the plight of rhinos and the work at the AfriCat Foundation; “…the challenge is how to enable humans and big cats to live peaceably alongside each other.”

The article describes the work AfriCat does and how the safari business supports the Foundation, at Okonjima in the heart of Namibia. It also describes the Save the Rhino Tust and how they are set up to stop poaching.

Both these charities are supported by the Tusk Trust, a fundraising charitable organisation, run by an old friend of mine – Charlie Mayhew, MBE. I saw Charlie just before Christmas and he was as optimistic as ever about the projects that he supports in Africa. Prince Willaim is Tusk Trust’s royal patron.

AfriCat is run by the Hanssen family, wonderfully described as a “sort of Swiss Family Robinson, bursting with good looks and conviction”.

The Hanssens have run Okonjima safari game reserve and the AfriCat Foundation for over 20 years, persuading farmers not to kill cheetahs and leopards but for them to be rehabilitated at Okonjima, so far over 1000 big cats have been looked after.

Mj, the leopard. On safari, Okonjima, Namibia
Mj, the leopard. On safari, Okonjima, Namibia

Donna Hanssen, who I have met twice, is passionate about AfriCat and the work they do and says every single donor to AfriCat started as a tourist“, and I know that is true of me!

So come and visit and become a supporter of AfriCat.



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