take photos of cheetahs

Your holiday is a precious commodity

Having worked hard all year and saved money, you want your holiday to be as perfect as it possibly can be.

You may decide that you deserve the very best, or travel to a country that you have never been to, you may look at a map of the world and investigate what a particular country has to offer.

You may be driven by a personal need to see great art, great landscapes, wonderful people or wild animals. If it is beautiful wild animals you want to see at first hand, then an African safari has to be high on the list.

View of the North Mountain, Okonjima, Namibia
View of the North Mountain, Okonjima, Namibia

Then you need to think about which animals; lions, elephants, birds, rhino, cheetahs and leopards.

Now we are narrowing it down; if it is cheetahs and leopards you want to see then Namibia has to be the right country; not only is it beautiful, it is one of the safest in Africa with the most stunning sand dunes, vistas and it was the first African country to incorporate protection of the environment into its constitution.

The beautiful Namibian landscape

You will most probably arrive at the capital Windhoek and want to see the Etosha National Park, with all the wild animals you would want to see, but you will be with a lot of other tourists. Situated half-way between Windhoek and Etosha, there is a Namibian gem, with plenty of space and cheetahs and leopards that can be tracked – it is Okonjima; the home of AfriCat, a charity that rehabilitates leopards and cheetahs back into the wild.

Leopards at Okonjima, Namibia
Leopards at Okonjima, Namibia

55,000 acres of fantastic landscapes, all kinds of wild animals, daily safaris, a feeling of being in an isolated special place that you are sharing with a few others and of course the cheetahs and leopards.

Cheetah cubs - Ruff and Tumble at Okonjima, Namibia
Cheetah cubs – Ruff and Tumble at Okonjima, Namibia

Okonjima would be my first choice for a special holiday, just click here to go to the website and dream of being on a Namibian safari – go on, you know you deserve it.



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