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Make Namibia your first trip to Africa

Okonjima's select private bush suiteAfter years of looking at photographs and articles on the AfriCat Foundation, I announced to my husband our next holiday was going to be in Africa. To say he was less than enthusiastic would be an understatement.  He didn’t say much but I knew I was facing a bit of an uphill battle. Six months later we left the dirt and the noise of a big Asian city, two kids under ten in tow and made the long journey to a continent that had previously not been on our radar. With relative ease we arrived at Okonjima, our first destination and settled into the Select Private Bush Suite, a unique bush-cottage surrounded by Acacia thorn-veld and the Omboroko Mountains in the distance.

cheetah trackingFor city people, Okonjima is a world away from home.  To be able to sit outside and feel the wind on your face, drinking coffee whilst a family of warthogs snuffles by is just one of the fond memories you can take away with you.  Okonjima is the place to see many types of carnivores and game, including the rare African Wild Dog and Hyena. Who would have known a hyena was so big up close! It was a place of  ‘firsts’ for us all. Not many people can say they have crouched down about 20 feet away from a group of cheetahs, or stared a hyena in the face, seen a leopard pounce on a guinea fowl or tracked wild dogs for hours.

Two days into the trip hubby had totally changed his mind. Blown away by the scenery, tranquility, the quality of the food and accommodation and the enthusiasm of the guides at Okonjima he was already planning his next trip.  Namibia can be a family travel destination with just a small amount of planning. It was a breeze to travel around and felt remarkably safe, there is so much wildlife to see and activities to do that it is extremely easy to keep children occupied, whilst allowing you all to enjoy the plethora of flora, fauna and landscapes this country has to offer.  Not sure about Africa? Visit Namibia and it will change your mind for ever.



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