Chris Packham up close with a cheetah

Chris Packham Supports AfriCat

Okonjima, with all its wonderful range of accommodation and activities on offer, is also home to The AfriCat Foundation. One of the foundations patrons is Chris Packham, UK TV presenter, wildlife enthusiast, thoughtful conservationist, photographer and long-time supporter of AfriCat.

Chris Packham finds his elusive PangolinChris Packham has been an AfriCat supporter for many years and has taken many of his iconic photographs of big cats whilst staying at Okonjima, home of the AfriCat Foundation. During March this year he set off on his ‘Wild Night Out’ tour of the UK and asked AfriCat to come along. Chris is renowned for his passion about wildlife and his ability to enthuse others and entertain them at the same time.

At each theatre destination he had invited specific wildlife organisations he supports to come along. They could take the opportunity to speak with the wildlife enthusiasts attending his show and raise awareness of their work. AfriCat supporters from all over the UK volunteered to give out information, collect donations and spread the word about what is happening at AfriCat.

Chris getting the perfect shot of a cheetah at OkonjimaAfriCat was not only in the foyer before the show, Chris also talked at length about his visits to Okonjima and his assessment of AfriCat’s work and why it makes a difference during his show.
His clear support for the work that AfriCat does with communities in Namibia shone through, whilst he obviously has a soft spot for the beauty of the Okonjima Reserve and the wild cats that live there.” Catherine Bryan-Yetman.

When Chris visits Okonjima he takes the opportunity to engage in one of his passions – photography. Okonjima is a perfect backdrop for a photo safari to Africa. There are endless opportunities for shooting pictures of a variety of carnivores and game in the natural splendor that the reserve has to offer. Even if your not a professional, you will come away with photos that your friends will exclaim wow!



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