It’s not just about the big cats.

Let’s be honest, when we head off on that trip of a lifetime and decide it’s time to experience the African Safari, what most of us want is the thrill of seeing big cats like leopard, lion and cheetah. At Okonjima Lodge there are plenty of activities to be able to do this be it radio-tracking leopards and cheetahs from a game-viewing vehicle or tracking spotted hyenas on foot on the large carnivore tracking trail.

guinea fowl ventures close at Bush camp

But what about all the other wildlife that is roaming around free in the ‘safe’ area around Main Camp, Bush Camp, the luxury Bush Suite and the Omboroko campsite?

Highlights of our stay, especially for my children was the fact that just a few feet from their accommodation there were wild animals just snuffling around or walking nonchalantly by in the warm afternoon sun.
It was very easy to while away an hour just watching a family of warthogs nosing around for food, a very big tortoise making its way through the grass, jumpy guinea fowl gathering for some bird seed and the majestic kudu strolling by in the background, all with gin and tonic in hand, it was a hard afternoon that day.

Giant tortoise at Bush SuiteAfter dinner there is the opportunity to see nocturnal creatures such as the porcupine, caracal and honey badger from either a night hide or if you’re staying at the luxury Bush Suite then from the comfort of your private terrace, as these animals, like those active in the daytime, are no strangers from venturing close if not disturbed.

giraffe release into the Okonjima reserve

To increase the wildlife experience of its visitors, Okonjima has recently introduced 3 new games species into the lodge area. Burchell’s Zebra, Impala and giraffe. These wonderful looking animals join the Kudu, Oryx (one of my personal favourites), Warthogs, Steenbok, Duiker and the very cute bambi looking Damara Dik-Dik.
The views from the various camps are stunning to say the least, but the added attraction is that they are teaming with wildlife and birds so you are guaranteed to see something interesting during your time at Okonjima however long you decide to stay.



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