cheetah and herd of gnu

Notes from the field – The Cheetah and the Gnu

Early morning cheetah tracking was our goal and that was exactly what we did, and we topped it!

As we drove out tracking towards the Southern side of the Okonjima Nature Reserve we got a call from a colleague saying that we should go the northern section!

cheetah ready to attack wilderbeast

When we found the infamous siblings they were very relaxed lying down looking at some warthogs. Shortly after they started walking towards the cleared area called little Serenjima and watched some wildebeest in the distance. Suddenly the leader BONES started stalking closer, but the wildebeest caught wind of them and started running towards the cheetahs, and then everything got exciting as the cheetahs started charging the wildebeest trying to separate the youngsters from the herd.

wilderbeast versus cheetah

It was chaos! The wildebeest defended the youngsters and chased the siblings around again, and as this unfolded the cats made a last attempt to stress the herd and hopefully get to the calves, but in the new open plains of Okonjima – the wildebeest proved to be too much for the cheetah as they shot past about 20 meters from us – I had to wave my arms just so that they wouldn’t trample us since we were on foot and both cheetah and wildebeest did a full circle around us! BRILLIANT DAY!

wilderbeasts charging and Cheetah

Guide Report.

Another exciting time in the bush, and as always awesome to see cheetah doing what they do best and showing off their incredible speed! Unfortunately they missed their chance this time, but surely they will be successful another time.



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