adopt a cheetah

Tis the Season . . . Support AfriCat by Adopting a Carnivore.

December is upon us, the advent calendar is out and the Christmas tree is nearly decorated. The cards are half written and for some family members there is an empty space on the present list. If your like me and stuck for ideas this year why not help support AfriCat by adopting a carnivore for a year. Or Tell the ‘Boss’ it’s OUT with Christmas cards – and IN with adopting a cheetah, leopard, wild dog or lion at AfriCat!! Save the money you would have spent on cards, envelopes and postage and donate towards the support, research and care of some of Namibia’s large carnivores.

Dizzy and cubsBwana the leopard

You can support a CAPTIVE, REHABILITATED or WILD CARNIVORE in the Okonjima Reserve. Read our main adoption support page for more information.

AfriCat currently has about 30 carnivores including leopards, lions and cheetah at the AfriCat Carnivore Care Centre all either too old or habituated to be released back into the wild. These individuals are going to live out their lives under the expert care of the AfriCat team and continue to be “ambassadors” for their wild counter-parts. The adoption fee covers the cost of food and basic veterinary care. Buttons, Hoover and Shenzi are just some of the cheetahs and lions that need your help.
For more information see: Adopt a carnivore at AfriCat’s Carnivore Care Centre.

Cheetah RobertaLions Shavula and Thimba

Maybe you would prefer to help support one of our carnivores that are part of AfriCat’s rehabilitation programme. This programme was initiated to give some of our captive cheetahs an opportunity to return to their natural environment. We currently have 17 cheetahs on the website that need your help. The cheetahs are fitted with radio-collars before their release into the 200km2  Nature Reserve so that their welfare and progress can be carefully monitored. Sniper, Raisin and Scamp all need your support.
For more information see: Adopt a carnivore that will be rehabilitated in the Okonjima Nature Reserve.

Cheetah ApriliaSpitfire the cheetah needs your help

Our final adoption group are the carnivores that live wild in the Okonjima Nature Reserve. The ones that many of you will have read about on our website, facebook pages and here on the blog. Who could resist supporting Dizzy and her one remaining cub, Rex the wild dog who survives on three legs or our legendary Leopard – MJ, mother again for the 4th time.  Your help supports research projects within the 200kmNature Park.
For more information see: Adopt a carnivore in the Okonjima Nature Reserve.

Ishara as a cubRex the African wild dog

Merry Christmas and thanks for your support from Team AfriCat and Okonjima




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