big cat dentist vet

Even Cheetahs need a trip to the dentist sometimes.

Vax’s visit to the dentist!

vax the namibian cheetah

Vax shares an enclosure with her siblings Hoover & Dyson, at AfriCat’s Carnivore Care Centre.

One morning Team AfriCat found her with a swollen right cheek, not interested in eating and with saliva running from her mouth. We suspected anything from an infected wound, tooth problems or even a snake bite. After monitoring her closely and discussing with our team of associated vets, the most probable cause was the teeth.

At the AfriCat clinic, we found Vax had an inflammation in her top right molar, which needed immediate veterinary attention. She was taken to Elvira’s Vet Practice in Otjiwarongo, where the molar was removed (after 1.5 hours of drilling!!) Vax was put on 7-days of antibiotics and was released back into her enclosure. We have been monitoring Vax closely every day and fortunately, even after her extensive dental work she is recovering very well. She is eating, drinking and looking much happier & healthier.

Okonjima Cheetah named Vax

Just another day @The AfriCat Foundation. This kind of carnivore care is entirely dependent on your kind donations; if you want to sponsor the work we do, please visit our support pages.



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