swimming pool at Plains Camp

Okonjima’s New Lodge under Construction!

PLAINS CAMP, nearly complete!

Never one to sit back on its laurels, Okonjima has been busy this year upgrading to bring you yet another choice of accommodation to choose from when you book your stay.

sunset over Plains Campsunset over Plains Camp

PLAINS CAMP will replace the old Main Camp, which was the original Hanssen-family home, reconstructed as a Lodge in 1993.

PLAINS CAMP will host a 3-tier accommodation facility and is FAMILY and WHEEL-CHAIR friendly.

PLAINS CAMP will be overlooking a waterhole and open grass-plain, providing a unique wilderness experience for all PLAINS CAMP guests.  The open, grass-plains were ‘recovered’ by removing and burning invasive Acacia-bush during 2012 and 2013, creating the plains-view, ensuring a great sunset most evenings and guests can enjoy seeing Oryx, kudu, giraffe, warthog and other game as they move through the plains.

After the drought that hit Namibia during the 2013 summer season, especially causing death throughout the game and stock populations, this season has turned out to be one of Okonjima’s highest rainfall years on record! Due to this high rainfall, the construction of PLAINS CAMP has fallen a little behind schedule!

PLAINS CAMP is nearly ready! We plan to open June 2014.

dinning at Plains Camp

view from a plains camp room

For more information and to take a look at photos visit Okonjima’s photo pages.





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