Okonjima Lion

World Lion Day 2014

Can you imagine Namibia without Lions, if we had lost all of our lions to persecution, illegal trade and unsustainable off-take?
Some farmers might say good riddance, others may be indifferent, but I am convinced that the majority of Namibians would regret not having done more to ensure the lions’ long-term survival.

World Lion Day, to be celebrated globally on 10 August, is the perfect opportunity for the world to take note of the plight of the African Lion, for us all to take the time to ponder the reality of today’s pressures on wildlife and the wilderness sustaining these wondrous animals who have, to date, stood the test of time – but for how long will they be able to run from Man?

So, does the Namibian lion stand a chance? Are we doing all we can to ensure that our lion numbers do not fall so low as to be regarded as “the living dead”, as scientists call populations of animals so tiny their extinction is inevitable. Some conservation biologists believe that a century from now or even less, lions may only exist in zoos or small wildlife areas.

The AfriCat Foundation, with bases in central and northern Namibia, believes that there is still time for Namibia’s lions, if we make a concerted, National effort. With programmes including Research, Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation and Community Support, our motto “Conservation Through Education” can and will support the long-term survival of our lions.

As Namibians, we should take this quote by Sir Winston Churchill to heart: “I was not the lion, but it fell upon me to give the lion’s roar”.

Read the full article on the AfriCat Website

world lion day 2014 Check out what is happening locally with your local wildlife centre, or run your own fundraising event.

For further information see: http://www.stichtingspots.nl/

Tammy Hoth – Director AfriCat Foundation.


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