wild dog tracking

Guide Sightings Report Low Season at Okonjima

tracking wild dogs

Low season at Okonjima runs from January to June. This is actually our summer time where day time temperatures can be quite high in January and February. The most pleasurable months to visit Namibia are April, May and June, but you will always feel welcome no matter what month you visit Namibia!  Rain is expected from January to April and this year we saw heavy rainfall from February onwards which delayed the construction of Plains Camp but saw the reserve flourish and the waterfalls come alive.

Rex the african painted dogcheetah called Spirit Okonjima

Low season gave our guests great sightings of our favourite cats,  cubs to be seen, leopards to be recollared and the usual glorious sightings of many species of game in the park.

Electra was the most popular leopard during low season. Followed closely by MJ and her cub Shanti who is now 17 months old and for the most part on her own.


Cheetah Spud broke his leg so the sibling trio became a duo for a while during his recovery.  Dizzy left her daughter Spirit, who had to go it alone at the age of 14 months and has been regularly tracked by our guides and is very popular with guests. Penta gave birth to 4 new cubs, but unfortunately none survived.

The wild dogs and resident hyeanas  continue to be sighted but not as often as the cheetahs and leopards as they are harder to track as they move great distances around the reserve.

Read the full report by Jenny Noack.

Needle and Pins sibling cheetahs




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