AfriCat Patron Chris Packham

Word from Chris Packham 

“I have the great fortune to visit many conservation projects around the world and AfriCat is in the premiership. Its whole ethos is founded upon securing practical solutions to problems in the field. It’s about really making a difference, not talking about it. It’s about intelligent and effective solutions being implemented now, not tomorrow. And its new initiatives are more exciting than ever, releasing rehabilitated animals into huge protected reserves where they are carefully studied and monitored.

wildlife conservationist Chris Packham

The standard of care is exemplary and our understanding of these creatures’ ecologies and behaviours is constantly being advanced here. A few more AfriCats and this continent’s unique fauna would be a lot better off.”

Visit Chris’s website:

and read the insert called: ‘PROJECT WILD THING’ – Can we market nature? By David Bond,

“My daughter spent nearly a quarter of her life consumed by screens and just 4% of her time playing outdoors. Why are kids so disconnected with nature?”

It surely makes one wonder how can we keep our children connected to nature when the world of social media, tablets, play-stations & ipads rule?

Together we need to all do what it takes to reconnect kids with nature!

the bushman trailchildren digging for water in a dry river bed



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