electra the leopard

Okonjima’s beautiful lady – Electra

“Wonder what Brahman farmer – Val Hanssen, would have said when arriving at the old, farm ‘loading-ramp’ that has now grown closed with natural vegetation and instead of a truck parked, ready to load his cattle – he saw this beautiful creature, un-phased by human presence, at peace with man . . . . the circle is complete!”

electra at the loading ramp

The Hanssen family has always wanted to turn Okonjima’s 55 000 acres of Nature Reserve into what it once looked like, before man destroyed it due to a lack of understanding the fragile nature of our environment.

Our Wish . . . is for the next generation that hold the future of this land in their hands, to learn from our mistakes and to ‘BE the change they wish to see’ in this beautiful country, Namibia!


Electra verses black mamba



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