rains have come to Namibia


NAMIBIA is finally getting some rain! Its been a wet weekend and everyone is smiling!
The rains are however very late and next weekend we turn our clocks backwards, preparing for the colder winter and shorter days. . . .
This is not good news for many farmers that don’t have strong, perennial, grasses – for hardly any ‘annuals’ grew this year!
[perennials: describes a plant that lasts for more than two growing seasons, either dying back after each season, as some herbaceous plants do, or growing continuously, as some bushes do]
[annuals: botany describes a plant/grass that flowers, produces seed, and dies in one growing season]

rains have come to Namibia

In the Okonjima Nature Reserve and definitely due to a more balanced eco-system – we will make it this year! The natural ‘dams’ are not as full as they should be – the grass-cover is short, but healthy.
This year Okonjima’s plains look more like East Africa – green, short, open veldt. The cheetahs are loving it!
Over the past hundred years, commercial farming has probably caused the most damage to Namibia’s natural habitat. Due to over grazing and controlled natural fires, certain bush species were able to get the upper hand and resulted in the majority of Namibia’s open plains becoming thorny thickets.
Watch the video-clip on our website to understand why our ‘grasses’ are important:

“AfriCat founder, Wayne Hanssen talks ‘Grassland-science’!”

For more AfriCat movies: http://www.africat.org/in-media/movies



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