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Cheetah Dizzy and Cubs Update

The collars for the 3 youngsters have left SA and should be here shortly! This is one of the reasons the youngsters and their mother Dizzy have still not been released back into the wild.

cheetahs at Okonjima
The 2nd reason is the injury the female cub picked up somehow? At first we thought it was a thorn – then a sprain, but after darting her and taking her into Otjiwarongo for Xrays, because the healing process was taking too long for our liking – the vets discovered a ‘fracture of the forward rim of the shoulder blade’ in the joint. However, fragments are well in position and should heal with time . . . but Dr Tubbesing recommended rest for another 4 weeks.
That was 3 weeks ago . . . now we await the collars and then the 3 youngsters and their famous mother Dizzy, will be released back into the Okonjima Nature Reserve, where they were born!

checking up on Dizzy and cubs
Thanks goodness Dizzy has great support and thanks to Bruce Allen who donated an additional amount to cover all their food bills while in temporary captivity.

Dizzy has also been contracepted and we hope she stays with her cubs for longer this time – protecting them from the challenges that will soon face them again . . .


Dizzy's cheetah cubs





2 thoughts on “Cheetah Dizzy and Cubs Update

    1. You need to come back and see the new Plains Camp, you would love it! Next week Bush Camp will also be re-opened after its renovations. Let us know when your coming!

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