electra and leopard cub

AfriCat Okonjima Nature Reserve carnivore update: 26/04/2015

Wilddogs and Hyenas:
After the passing of Rex the two girls are doing well. Now covering larger distances without Rex and have been seen all over the 200km² Nature Reserve, still mainly on warthog kills.

Pooh our cuddly spotted Hyaena is still doing his normal routine and still the favourite with the guides. Paddington – the shy one, moves away when you get close and guests seldom get a good sighting of him. Rupert, their father who is 27 yrs old already is still without a collar, but has been seen a few times recently, still going strong.

July 2008 saw the release of the 3 SPOTTED HYAENA into the then ‘TUSK|OKONJIMA 4 500ha Rehabilitation Park’. 2 of them, Pooh and Paddington were born in captivity. The older male who is their father was born in Etosha (1988), and in 1989 sold at a game auction and has been in captivity ever since, until AfriCat released him in 2008.

hyena caught on night camera namibia


The SIBLING trio have been hanging around Alcatraz for the last 3 months, but we are not sure why, for there were no tracks or aggressive behavior outside the fence across from Dizzy and her 3 cubs? Trying to bond? Looking for company?
However they have finally started to move away from the area and have moved up the mountain into the southern Okonjima valley area for the last 4 days. (close to Plains Camp) They have been spotted even on the southern firebreak near the old leopard hides, close to Wahu’s area. We can only hope they will stay away from Alcatraz now that their contraception must be having some kind of effect?
SPUD picked up an open wound on his inner front leg on the 9th of April, but we have monitored him and the wound have healed fast. A week later Coco was limping on her back left leg for a couple of days, but recovered again, perhaps just a thorn.

the cheetah siblings

SPIRIT is doing great, but moving big distances – west to east and back again and down to the Villa area. Often seen on kills mainly young kudu and steenbok.

The collars for the 3 Dizzy cubs have still not arrived – we’ll keep you posted and post the release soon . . .


MAFANA seems to still be ruling in his territory. He has been seen now a few times with JO JO FARQY and her 2 cubs so we can confirm that he is the father . . . .

Jo Jo and leopard cub

MJ is doing fine. Been mating on and off with Mafana since June 2013, but does not seem to fall pregnant, maybe it is an age thing  . . . She is pushing 15 years this year.

NKOSI was seen fighting with Madiba on 26 March, but no injuries on either two. However he picked up a bad injury on 19 April on his right front foot. It was swollen with a cut and could not put any pressure on it for 2 days. We monitored him closely and for the last 3 days he has moved large distances and the limp is getting less. It does seem that Madiba is trying to push him out of his territory? Time will tell  . . .

BWANA is still ruling the south with sister ISHARA. She was spotted by Mike on 20 April with 2 small cubs near North Post. The cubs should be close to 2 months old now, so MJ has finally became a grandmother . . . after 6 litters!

ELECTRA is now in den #4. All the dens are about 50 to a 100 meters apart. We have not gone close to the new den sites. Been giving her space. She has been seen on a few kills and she is looking good.

SHANTI seems to be looking for new territory, but she has got Ishara on the south of the mountain and Jo Jo on the northern side of the mountain and her mother MJ in the area she grew up in. She has been seen the last 2 weeks wondering as far as the 2000ha gate . . .

okonjima leopard shanti

MAFUTA has been seen mating with Madiba last week so she has pushed her previous litter away. We have been seeing young leopards around Buffalo-dam which are probably her cubs . . . about a year and a half old now.

ISASKIA has been seen a few times, but still not with cubs.




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