AfriCat donation vehicle

The Pupkewitz Foundation sponsored vehicle handed over to the AfriCat Environmental Education Project!

The AfriCat Environmental Education Programme has largely been dependent on Okonjima Lodge for transport and vehicles. Consequently we approached the Pupkewitz Foundation for a vehicle for the daily running of the programme and particularly for the “Outreach” project.
On Tuesday, the 12th of May, our bus with 12 scholars from our Perivoli Okonjima Country School, Helen Newmarch, Head of Education, Louis Heyns, AfriCat Field Research Coordinator and Nomi Sonntag, DSJW volunteer left early in the morning for Windhoek. 

What an exciting day!
The Pupkewitz Foundation sponsored vehicle was being handed over to the AfriCat Environmental Education Project! The children accompanied us as representatives of all the Namibian children and our beautiful country Namibia that will benefit from the use of this pick- up.

supporting environmental education
Some of the children had never been to Windhoek, the Namibian capital, before. Imagine seeing all the vehicles, people, buildings, streets, shops etc. for the first time! We pointed out all the important historical buildings on the way. As we still had some time we decided to take the children for a delicious Spur milkshake with the chance to play some video games.
On our way in, we fortunately met the Franchise Manager of Steak Ranches International BV, Mr. De Wet Labuschagne who kindly sponsored all our milkshakes! A big THANK YOU to Spur!

After this unexpected surprise we made our way to the Pupkewitz Nissan showroom for the handover event. Ms. Meryl Barry, Head of the Pupkewitz Foundation, was there to welcome us.

In her speech Ms Barry appreciated the conservation work of the AfriCat Foundation and in particular that of the Environmental Education Programme.
Ms. Helen Newmarch thanked the Pupkewitz Foundation and emphasized: “There is no relevant Education without Environmental Education.”

New environmental education vehicle

supporting Namibia

After the excitement of driving out of the showroom the children had to get into the bus to go to The Grove, the new and biggest shopping mall in Namibia. The POCS children then had the thrill of using an escalator for the first time and walking through the mall. Although some of them were a bit scared at first, it turned out to be great fun and we struggled to get them off!
In the Crazy Store they had the opportunity to spend some pocket money on toys and sweets!

We enjoyed one last ice cream at the mall and jumped back into the bus that got us safely back to Okonjima!
Thank you to Louis for excellent safe driving!



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