female lion at northern Namibia

Can you help the AfriCat Lion Guards?

Many of you will be aware of AfriCat’s lion research and work with the local conservancies along the western border of Etosha. The prime aim of all this work is to help the local communities find ways to live with the lions that share their home. Many of the lions migrate from inside the park but others have their territories within the community land and that of the Hobatare concession. The corporate sponsorship which provided key funding has ended abruptly and AfriCat Uk is keen to see if we can help plug the funding gap while longer term funding is secured. The project and work of the Lion Guards has seen a reduction in the farmer’s losses to lion predation and in the numbers of lions shot. The success, all be it slow, has been achieved though collaboration and offering part-time employment to locally elected ‘Lion Guards’. These men encourage and support their communities; help with the education process; undertake patrols to check fences; work with the AfriCat team when collaring lions in the area; share the information with their communities on lion locations from the GPS collars and help with the maintenances and strengthening of kraals. With poaching on the increase and the area in the third year of drought, there is in fact a need for more guards not less.

AfriCat's Lion Guardians at AfriCat North

Can AfriCat supporters help out? The sums are not great – £20 ($30 USD) will cover the costs for a week. The target of £2,000 ($3,000 USD) will enable them to run for a year or a bit longer. This link will take you to our AfriCat Lion Guards fundraising page where all monies raised will go direct to the lion guards project.

As an alternative to a personal donation you might like to think about running a small ‘fundraiser’ may be a ‘coffee and cake’ in work or with friends or asking for donations to AfriCat instead of presents at a celebration like a wedding anniversary or birthday. We can send you information and may be something to raffle or give as a prize. Do you know an organization company we could approach for longer term sponsorship? If so please contact info-uk@africat.org



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