okonjima's mens running team


Team Okonjima: www.okonjima.com – consisting of our seasoned athletes from Bush Camp Jusso and Jason, the two ladies Nomi and Karo from the Environmental Education Centre and myself, embarked very early in the morning at 4 am to go to the First Adventure race in Namibia at the Khomas Hochland Mountain Range. http://www.staytoday.com.na/events/khomas-hochland-trail-run

race team okonjima

A prompt 9 am start saw us off on the open road in the chilly morning heading towards a mountain to conquer… The compelling zest of high adventure and of creative action compelled us to aspire for a fun run.

running in namibia

running for AfriCat

We went through mind blowing gorges, up and down some incredible mountain ranges with stunning views (of course we stopped to enjoy it) , climbing over ladders and navigating through rivers. 8 km’s of every step being different to the last, and the appreciation of nature so apparent and realising that the earth has music for those willing to listen. The wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit… We need to protect it.

This being a team challenge to make it through all these obstacles did force us to rely on each others strengths and thus making the strength of the team. The men’s team proudly finished of 2nd and the ladies team finished 4th. overall in a field with experienced athletes, professional athletes and those joining in for the fun.

team_okonjima_adventure_race4 team_okonjima_adventure_race6

Very proud of the team and we look forward to hosting our own one on Okonjima, for Conservation, that will allow for more participants from the staff to join. We will keep you posted ….



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