cheetah ready for rehabilitation back into the wild


HURRICANE  and  SPITFIRE, the 5yr old siblings – who are sister and  brother are part of the group called ‘The Aeroplanes’ and are the next chosen group to be rehabilitated sometime this year . . .

AfriCat’s Cheetah Rehabilitation project was initiated to give some of our captive cheetahs an opportunity to return to their natural environment. Although hunting in carnivores is instinctive, many of the cheetahs at AfriCat lack experience due to being orphaned or removed from the wild at an early age. This inexperience, as well as their conditioning to captivity, makes these animals unsuitable for release on farmland. The cheetahs (usually a coalition of brothers and sisters) are fitted with radio-collars before their release into the 20 000ha Nature Reserve so that their welfare and progress can be closely monitored.

spitfire and hurricane are cheetahs at AfriCatcheetah in the Namibian Bush

The 20 000ha Okonjima, Private Nature Reserve provides orphaned cheetahs with the opportunity to hone their hunting skills and become self-sustaining – thereby giving them a chance to return to the wild!

These 2 siblings came to AfriCat when they were 3 months old. Their mother was shot and the two cubs were caught by the farmer.
He kept them for 3 weeks wanting to tame them but then heard about AfriCat and contacted us to come and fetch them.

HURRICANE weighs 32.2Kgs – is the only female in the group that also includes Quattro and Sniper and is (together with Buttons) one of the most slender cheetahs at our Carnivore Care Centre.
Help support Hurricane.

SPITFIRE on the other hand is one of the biggest cheetahs at AfriCat and weighs 50,6Kgs
Help support Spitfire.

slender cheetah namibia

cheetah brother and sister



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