two male lions africa

World Lion Day 2015 Roar in honour of Cecil

On World Lion Day – 10th August – Roar in honour of Cecil the Zimbabwe Lion and support the AfriCat Lion Guardians.

PHOTOs: In this undated photo from the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Cecil the lion rests in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. | Tammy from AfriCat with Emmanuel collaring a lion on farmland near Etosha as a part of the lion research and wildlife mitigation programme.

Cecil the lion and Tammy from AfriCat North

Lions are rapidly declining in number worldwide: The reasons being?

  • Trophy hunting – e.g. the kind of hunting that killed Cecil.
  • Human wildlife conflict – lions are shot or trapped by farmers (community and commercial) when they have killed or thought to have killed their livestock.
  • Loss of habitat due to pressure on land from farming, mining, housing, roads etc.
  • ‘Poaching’ for body parts for ‘traditional medicines’ in parts of Asia.
  • Disease and natural disasters e.g. drought.


Male and female lion at AfriCat

Share your feelings with others . . . . together we can make a difference!



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