Dr Zeiler at the AfriCat 2015 health check

AfriCat Annual Health and Dental Check 2015

There is always something going on at Okonjima, there never seems to be a quiet time, but during the end of June and beginning of July each year The AfriCat Foundation and The Okonjima Nature Reserve becomes an even bigger hive of activity.  This time every year a team of veterinarians, veterinary nurses, researchers, students and volunteers meet at the AfriCat Foundation to carry out the annual health examinations on all the semi-captive large cats. Some form of annual health check is required by law in Namibia for all captive and semi-captive felids, but at AfriCat we go way beyond what is required, both to ensure that the cats are maintained in excellent health and to maximize the research opportunities.

vets carrying out a health check on a wild dog

The past 2 years the AfriCat clinic was transformed into a high-tech surgical theatre. Visitors and staff were able to watch every detail of the surgery on television screens stationed outside the theatre.

See our photos and full report of this years health check on our news page.

The annual health check at AfriCat plays an extremely important role in helping vets carry out their research projects to help us understand more about the carnivores that we are trying to protect and you can be part of this experience too. This year Dr. Adrian Tordiffe published his findings on how cheetahs in captivity need better diets. The health checks have also provided data for Dr Henk Bertschinger’s work on contraception in wildlife. 


be a health check volunteer

be a health check volunteer

STEPPES DISCOVERY UK, & ULTIMATE SAFARIS NAMIBIA, ARE THE MAIN, AFRICAT ANNUAL HEALTH-CHECK SPONSORS and have long been admirers of AfriCat’s innovative approach towards the conservation of Namibia’s large carnivores!

“We have been impressed with their ability to adapt as the demands of conservation change and commend their commitment to using responsible tourism as an essential tool in protecting Namibia’s big cats. While they continue to rise to the ever changing challenges of conservation in Namibia we will continue to support their crucial work.” Jarrod Kyte.
UK & EUROPE: Contact JARROD or JACKIE www.steppesdiscovery.co.uk for wildlife and conservation travel.

“Ultimate Safaris, through the Conservation Travel Foundation (nee Tou Trust) and Wilderness Travel USA, are committed to conservation in Namibia. The AfriCat Foundation’s work with regards to large carnivore conservation in Namibia is crucial, from both a conservation perspective but also from and environmental education perspective. We are proud to be associated with the AfriCat Foundation and feel that our contribution towards their efforts is of national importance.”
USA: Contact TRISTAN COWLEY www.ultimatesafaris.na/about/safaris for wildlife and conservation travel.

health check on a lion





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