Happy Festive Season

Half of our team members and many AfriCat supporters take a break and will only be back in January.
So, here’s wishing everyone a safe journey – wherever you might be travelling this festive season . . .
Thank YOU for YOUR LOYAL Support! We could not do this without you!

“What you do, makes a difference!
You have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” (Jane Goodal)

okonjima and africat leopard christmas message

If you are still in need of Christmas gifts for friends and family why not consider a gift from AfriCat.

Annabel Pope, Wildlife and Travel Artist

Annabel recently donated her lovely drawing of a pair of cheetah’s to AfriCat following her visit to AfriCat in Namibia. That picture was sold at the Film Evening we held in October with AfriCat Patron Lorraine Kelly. Following the film evening Annabel is offering these two studies of elephant and Rhino with 10% of the proceeds coming to AfriCat. While not a large carnivore we all know how threatened and stunning both Rhino and Elephant are and how magical it is when you get the chance to watch them in their natural habitats.

If you are interested in either please contact Annabel direct at art@annabelpope.com and say you are an AfriCat Supporter!
These can be posted out to you in a tube.

elephant_studies_print rhino drawing

Adopt-a-spot through AfriCat UK

At our new Carnivore Care and Information Centre at Okonjima home of the AfriCat Foundation in Namibia we have 2 huge cats painted on our wall. One is a CHEETAH and the other a LEOPARD. Their spots and rosettes are not coloured in yet – but as soon as you ADOPT-A-SPOT, the cheetah and leopard will slowly get their spots back!
adopting your spotcolour your spot
What you do

  • Decide whether you want to Adopt-A-SPOT of a cheetah or leopard and for how long. You can of course adopt more than one spot too! Adopting a spot for a year costs £16 and 2 years £32 and 3 Years £40
  • Click here to take you to the donation page.
  • Email info-uk@africat.org with your address if you would like a photo-card sent to you.

What we do 

  • Send an email with photograph of the spot being painted on the wall to confirm that this work has been done.
  • Write your name on the wall with a number of the spots/time you have adopted for.
  • Send those in the UK a photo-card if requested.

The Frosties adopt a spotBy ADOPTING-A-SPOT@AfriCat, you are helping the cheetah and leopard during a challenging time in their existence such as when they are being released into the wild, recovering from injury or being ambassador cats to those visiting the Care Centre. The funding goes towards the AfriCat Foundation’s general running costs, veterinary expenses, computers, vehicles, cameras, collars, telemetry, research and fuel.

Thank you for caring about our Namibian carnivores.
The AfriCat Foundation wishes you a HAPPY Festive Season.



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