The cheetahs known as the motorbikes

Motorbike Diaries – the first months of freedom

Sept – Nov 2015

Team AfriCat was delighted to celebrate a happy reunion, after several split-ups during their first weeks of freedom, but this was short-lived for the MOTORBIKE gang split yet again.

cheetah group africat
The two males HARLEY & STARSKY moved towards the eastern perimeter fence leaving the two females APRILIA and DUCATI to defend for themselves.

Cheetah in the Okonjima Nature Reserve
Harley – one of the biggest cheetahs at AfriCat

HARLEY & STARSKY eventually settled down in an area close to the main road where they had to confront the siblings Spud, Coco and Bones who in the meantime had also made themselves at home close to the main, entrance road as you enter or leave Okonjima Nature Reserve. 

cheetahs fighting for territory
Picture of BONES (above) and STARSKY – who was showing submission – yelping for some ‘mercy’ and who did get away with no injuries – only a bruised ego!

APRILIA and DUCATI started moving westwards into the open ‘Serenjima plains’ before they eventually started heading into their brother and male companion – STARSKY’S direction. 

Then DUCATI joined up with the males, but APRILIA remained on her own. 

Cheetah group

The trio finally managed to move out of the eastern fence corner where they had spent the last two weeks. 

The newly released cheetahs successfully managed to make their first warthog kill – initiated by Aprilia while her siblings only joined once the “work” was done. Despite their initial success we are still providing them with food and water every few days to keep their level of energy and alertness up.
We are hoping that the siblings will meet up with each other again as soon as possible for their chances of survival would be so much better if they’d stay together as a coalition

cheetah on a warthog kill
(Is Aprilia perhaps going to follow in the footsteps of her female forerunners – Tongs and Dizzy – who pulled away from their coalition soon after release, never to return as a group-member again ?)

Stay tuned  . . . .




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