mummy lion and cub namibia

Mamma AfriCat and Lion Schools

An Amazing week with AfriCat, including three days in the communities of Northern Namibia with one of Africa’s most inspiring conservationists, Tammy Hoth followed by a further four days at Okonjima with Donna Hanssen and her wonderful team, to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Charity and to witness a perfect example of conservation, education and research working together.

Human wildlife conflict is a perpetual battle but by AfriCat providing funding for formal education (both for children and adults), research, Lion Guards (members of the local communities who focus on achieving working compromises), and other structural support (protected water supplies; pens or kraals to protect livestock at night; GPS trackers for predators) the buy in of local communities can be and is being achieved and it’s a battle that can have a successful outcome for all.

protecting lions and helping communities
AfriCat Lion Guards

AfriCat’s fundraising this year will include a focus on building schools within these communities where the education of both children and adults can thrive and the further development of successful communities can be assured.

I was fortunate to witness, within the currently small tented schools, committed teachers delivering measurable success. Young children enjoyed a broad curriculum of early education while adults were also enthused by a structured environment of positive development.

tented african schoolhelp us build a better school

By way of one example, the ‘Mamma AfriCat’ programme gives local women a chance to discuss a range of social issues in a group. As the bedrock of their communities, these women can deliver a very positive and influential message to local people about the benefits of conservation.

Bricks and mortar will allow the schools to grow and to deliver education to more of those in need, across a still broader curriculum.
It is hoped that fundraising for the first of these new schools, to be named Lion Schools, will be completed by the final quarter of 2016.
For just under £50,000, a four classroom school can be delivered.
There will be specific fundraising efforts throughout the rest of the year. However, general donations to our UK Charity in the meantime will be greatly appreciated. We can guarantee that all sums marked ‘School’ will go directly and exclusively to the building of the first Lion School.

collared lion namibia

If you’re doing any running, jumping, baking or other charitable fundraising this year, please do consider the AfriCat school appeal.

A link to the donation site is below.

UK AfriCat Chairman, David Farquharson


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