cheetah lure at AfriCat

The Cheetah Lure!


After months and months and months of trying to find the funding for a lure to keep the captive cheetahs that are inline to be rehabilitated fit and strong – AfriCat supporter, Mr Allen, sponsors the whole project.

AfriCat’s non-releasable ‘ambassadors’ housed in the Carnivore Care Centre need exercise and the ‘cheetah lure’ encourages cheetah to run at high speed, emulating ‘the chase in the wild’.

Cheetah’s are built to run, with their elongated bodies, long legs and tail as well as their flexible spine, these carnivores have evolved for speed. At AfriCat we try as hard as we can to emulate their environment as well as their feeding regime with the way it would be in the wild however captivity unfortunately does create some short comings. Lack of exercise being one of them, as with us humans has a negative impact on their health and thus the lure will help ensure healthier cats all around.

You’d think once the lure was set up and started moving – they would automatically just chase whatever is shooting up dust, after all they are the fastest land mammal, but captivity changes that instinct. If they are not hungry and don’t know what it is they have no need to use all that energy. Cubs and young cheetahs play and run easily, but its been quite a challenge getting the older cheetahs to show interest in this new ‘potential prey’ and to actually chase this moving object . . . .

Bruce generously funded a much-needed, specially designed, cheetah, exercise, lure system, which has come all the way from the US. This lure will be a fantastic way to keep the cats at our Carnivore Care Centre fit and also serves as a great education tool for visitors, both children and grownups, to see the cheetahs at full speed, doing what nature intended them to. These lures were initially designed for greyhounds, but also work very well for cheetahs.

Here are the first images coming in of Mundi and Dune – having some fun!

Mundi the cheetah
cheetah Okonjima Namibia
Dune a cheetah, Namibia
cheetah running Namibia


DOING WHAT IT TAKES:  We had to use the quadbike to get the cats up and following. This is the ‘feeding quad’ and they associate it with a meal – so we dragged a bribe behind it and once they saw the lure snag moving in the dust – they forgot about the quad and took off after it! SUCCESS AT LAST!

trying to entice the cheetahs to try the cheetah lure trying to entice the cheetahs to try the cheetah lure



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