pocs kiddies made cupcakes

POCS kiddies baking experience!

Le Calabash Petit Conservatoire De La Cuisine  is a cooking school based in France and run dynamically by owners Sidney and Alison Bond who are award winning chefs. When they approached me a few years ago for a new adventure with their chef groups travelling in Namibia I quickly decided Okonjima could add to this authentic extraordinary experience combining culinary wonders and Namibias wildlife experience. We included this in their African culinary adventure. Every group comes from all walks of life and corners of the earth.  Through all the visits our Okonjima chefs have been included and have learnt from this passionate couple who have always been so willing to share their knowledge and skill.

I feel the team has learnt that the main qualifications needed is a love for food and a desire to learn.

When I approached them with an idea to include our POCS school children in a baking  experience Alison whose main passion is desserts and pastry jumped at the idea and we embarked on planning a cupcakes baking session.

I don’t think Alison and Sidney were fully prepared for this fun lively bunch of kiddies so enthusiastic and willing to learn and completely bowled over by this opportunity.

pocs kids baking experience okonjima

The kitchen  was quickly turned topsy turvy,  loud questions bounced around after every instruction,  flour flew around  while pouring, excited little fingers were going into bowls to taste the icing. All cooking rules in the formal world were broken. This abstract world of smiles, fun, dashes of love and heaps of laughter added ingredients of non materialism to an environment of flair and imagination.

Out came these gorgeous cupcakes of course of which Chef Sidney could not choose a winner so every group were proudly winners and there was shortly no evidence remaining of these works of art residing peacefully in their stomachs . . . . .

Thanks go to Martha and Teresia, Okonjima’s bakers as well as chef Jozie who jumped into action  making icing of every color helping me keep some quiet in the storm. 

We are pleased to say the kitchen never burnt down😀 great fun was had by all.


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