donation of tents to AfriCat

Debmarine Namdeb Foundation Donation Handover

On Friday, the 11th November 2016, AfriCat was glad to welcome the Debmarine Namdeb Foundation Executive Manager, Ms. Janita von Wielligh, who on behalf of her respective foundation came to handover a donation of wanderer tents to the AfriCat Foundation.

Ms. Wielligh arrived at AfriCat headquarters just before 13h00, and the team was ready and excited to meet her, with everyone dressed neatly in AfriCat uniform and big excited smiles. The introduction went by smoothly as Ms Wielligh went around to meet all the team members, and gave us all a quick brief about what the Debmarine Namdeb Foundation is all about and how they operate.

Donation of tents for the AfriCat Environmental Education Programme

We quickly all gathered around her car, to help off load the donation of wanderer tents that we so patiently waited for, since December 2014 when we first handed in our proposal for funding to Debmarine Namdeb – “Patience sure is a virtue”! In a few minutes all was setup and ready for Ms. Wielligh to do the official handover – we all came together behind the donated tents for some pictures.

After the handover, Ms. Donna Hanssen, the director of AfriCat HQ gave Ms. Wielligh a quick tour around the AfriCat Information Centre. Mrs. Tammy Hoth-Hanssen and Mrs. Jenny Noack were also there to give a brief summary about the Leopard Density Study and the AfriCat North Lion Project. Ms. Wielligh, was also taken on a short tour into our AfriCat Carnivore Care Centre enclosures, were she had the opportunity to meet some of our cheetah ambassadors, who are all in line to be rehabilitated into the Okonjima Nature Reserve, when space opens up. Fascinated by the sights, she sure had so many questions and our volunteer Mr Jonathan Carl, Carnivore Care Taker Mr John Mulyata, and AfriCat Administrator Selma Amadhila, were with her to answer all her questions.

The new AfriCat Information Centre The new AfriCat Information Centre

It was finally time for lunch and more chatting, an opportunity to get to know each other better. Before we could bid farewell to Ms. Wielligh we had to show her the famous AfriCat Environmental Education Centre, which is the site where the donated tents will be used.

Team AfriCat would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Debmarine Namdeb Foundation for considering our proposal for funding and finally deciding to donate to us x6 wanderer tents for the AfriCat Environment Education Centre.

“In the end, we conserve only what we love.
We love only what we understand.
We will understand only what we are taught”
Baba Dioum (Senegalese environmentalist)

The new AfriCat Information Centre


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