The new AfriCat Information Centre

The Three Phases of AfriCat’s Carnivore Care and Information Centre

We’ve come a long way since afternoon tea with ‘Chinga’ on the lawn!

From cheetah, lion and leopard rescue, care and release – TO rescue, rehabilitation, community support and research! From farmer support – TO ‘Conservation Through Education’!

We are committed to encouraging our youth and communities to ensure the survival of large carnivores, within a balanced ecosystem.

Here at AfriCat, over the past two decades, the Rescue and Release Programme developed as a result of our relationship with the farming community. The ‘Welfare and Carnivore Care Centre’, in turn, was a by-product of the Rescue and Release Programme.


We currently hold cheetah in our care that are young, fit and wild enough to be part of our Rehabilitation Project. There are, however a few cheetah, leopard and lion too old or tame to go back into the wild. These individuals will live out their lives under the expert care of the AfriCat team and continue to be “ambassadors” for their wild counter-parts at AfriCat’s Carnivore Care Centre.

However, 2011 was the dawn of a different direction for AfriCat and with that a renewed focus on our Environmental Education Programmes and the completion of the AfriCat HQ Carnivore Care and Information Centre as well as construction of the new AfriCat North base!
It started with a much needed office in 2011; to make room for an information/display area, then the upgrade of all the carnivore enclosures in 2012 and the new AfriCat North base – west of Etosha National Park (ENP); the completion of the AfriCat veterinary clinic in 2013, with its examination/procedure room, storage, and laboratory facilities, which provides an excellent veterinary facility and working environment for carnivore health; and now the final phase accomplished end 2016, which includes a second information-display room and presentation facility!
We can now offer visitors a valuable insight into the ‘work’ of The AfriCat Foundation.

Read about Phase 2 and 3 and see how the Carnivore Care and Information Centre has evolved into what it is in 2017 >> Full Article

We have added 2 more hides so that the Carnivore Ambassadors can be studied and admired from a safe distance.
The Clinic in action.

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