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With a ‘Lion Light’ The Future’s Bright

A lioness named SPOTS, and her 10-month old cubs, struggle to find sufficient food through wildlife, inside of the Protected Area they have as their home. Since the rainfall, improved grazing and available water has encouraged the wildlife to disperse, leaving SPOTS and her family a home range with very little to feed on.

Along the borders of this protected area, SPOTS has found a good source of ‘easy-meat’ on a communal livestock farm; when the farmers keep their cattle safe in ‘bomas’ or kraals, she finds it difficult to kill the domestic stock; however, when cattle and donkeys are left to roam unattended, she has more than enough to feed her hungry cubs . . .

but this comes at a price . . . the certain death of the huntress and her cubs.

AfriCat North supports such farming communities in ‘lion-conflict’ zones by erecting strong ‘bomas’ or kraals. Now, AfriCat North is planning to support a larger number of farmers to better protect their livestock: AfriCat needs to supply these community-kraals with ‘lion-lights’.

‘Lion-lights’ have been successfully tried and tested in Kenya, reducing the loss of livestock as well as minimising the retaliatory killing of lions.

SPOTS and her family are just one of the prides facing such challenges in Namibia’s north west.
SPOTS, like ten other lions within the AfriCat North study area, has been GPS-Satellite collared. Two-hourly updated positions enable AfriCat’s team of Lion Guards to warn farmers of lion movement, encouraging the use of the kraals to protect their livestock and to mitigate conflict.

Namibia boasts a small yet healthy lion population: thus, Every Lion is important in a dwindling wild species that is the ultimate African predator.

‘Lion Lights’ will keep the Lions Alive and farmers, with their livestock, safe.



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