students learn about protecting their home environment in Namibia

The AfriCat Environmental Education Programme

The AfriCat Environmental Education programme has been running for many years now and with each new year brings new challenges and changes. Constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of learners and teachers the programme continues to go from strength to strength.

2017 was a busy year which saw 600 students and teachers interact with us through our programme.

This included hosting Namibian primary and secondary learners at the Centre, as well a number of UNAM-initiated groups for practical training at the AfriCat Environmental Education Campsite. We also had visits from a number of international schools and colleges from the USA, UK, Poland and Italy, as well as a group of teachers from the Perivoli Schools from across Namibia.

We had some significant staff changes in the AfriCat Environmental Education Programme during 2017. Johan Viljoen joined the EE Team as Environmental Educator, while Mrs. Helen Newmarch, Head of Education, took up the role of training Okonjima Lodge guides.

To add to our successes during 2017, we have great plans to widen our potential impact in the future.

cheetah watching as part of the AfriCat Environmental Education Programme


The following comments are from students attending Namib High School, Swakopmund.

“What was really special and fun for me, were the walks we made through nature. All the wildlife we saw was especially interesting. We learned a lot on these walks and it is good to know more about wildlife and nature.”

“The game drive Sunday morning and the sunrise. The two cheetahs we walked to. To learn more about plants and animals.”

“Liked the walks, and sunrise/sunsets and the slide shows and the night walk/star gazing were great.”

“Seeing the cheetahs that were not in a cage was the best experience.”

“The fact that solitude is respected at Okonjima, and that helped me a lot, not always to talk much but to take a moment and listen and appreciate things.”

“The view of Okonjima from a high point. The sunrise was beautiful. Standing on a mountain and just looking out over the entire lodge was beautiful. Also, the star gazing is a very good idea.”

“Being chosen to paint our club’s adopted spot! Having to bath in an open bathroom, and using an open toilet is by far the most memorable.”

bush clearing in Namibia Africa

To read the whole report head on over to the AfriCat Website



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